Kylie Jenner wants to stay out of 'spotlight' due to rumoured pregnancy

Posted January 10, 2018

Khloe also said that she plans to give birth in OH, which is expected since her boyfriend Thompson plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

"So it was Alexa, my assistant, Tristan and I. We were the only ones that knew for a few weeks until I was able to tell my family", she added.

Another thing to back this up is that she claims that she doesn't know the sex of her child, but that she does want to find out.

"They're just guesses. Let them keep fishing", Travis said.

However, she did not reveal what she would call her child if she were to pop out as a baby girl - and we reckon this means that she's having a girl, and is saving her name reveal for when her little lady arrives!

Instead she will deliver the little one in OH, which makes sense because Thompson plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and it will be easier for him to be by her side if she has the child near his home base. "She saw it happen to her sister so it's not like this is coming out of nowhere".

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So there's hope for Khloe's belly button yet. Some of the fans believe that she has already given a birth to her baby while some fans believe that Kylie is carrying sister Kim Kardashian's baby no. 3 and she's Kim's secret surrogate.

Khloeisn't allowing the body shaming deter her commitment to fitness.Leading a healthy lifestyle pre-pregnancy has had a positive influence in her life and she's sticking to it.

The turning point for Khloe was the fallout of her first marriage.

The reality star, 33, has been posting so-called KHLO-FIT videos of her fitness routines that she is following while pregnant making it apparent she is dedicated to keeping her body as fit and healthy during her pregnancy. We never fight. She got pissed because I wanted to put a TV in the nursery. I'm like the worst person for ever wanting a TV...

It appears in the clip as if the family, including Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian, are involved in the reveal.