Triple talaq bill likely to be tabled in Rajya Sabha tomorrow

Posted January 03, 2018

BJP leaders feel the party gains both in getting the Bill passed on the same day - as it can then take credit for getting the landmark legislation passed that would win it some support from aggrieved Muslim women - and in it being sent to a select committee, as then the ruling party would go to town alleging Congress and others have delayed the Bill.

Nationalist Congress Party leader Majeed Memon criticised the NDA government of portraying itself as a messiah (saviour) of the people and said the party is against criminalisation of Triple Talaq and the bill should be referred to the Select Committee.

Most parties are against the provision for jailing offenders - they say they don't want a civil matter to be criminalised. The bill that criminalises the practice of instant talaq (divorce) was passed by the Lok Sabha last week and is slated to be introduced in the Upper House on Wednesday.

According to Opposition sources, BJP seems to be "isolated" on this bill except its allies SAD and Shiv Sena likely to come up its support, in the Upper House.

The opposition parties are said to be planning for either amendment against criminalising triple talaq or referring the Bill to a select committee for detailed consideration.

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How could a bill touted to empower Muslim women by banning triple talaq proved to be harmful for its beneficiaries?

"The way triple talaq bill was passed in the Lok Sabha, it will be passed in the Rajya Sabha too with constructive debate and discussion". All proposed amendments were rejected.

The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2017, which seeks to criminalise the practise of instant triple talaq is scheduled to be introduced in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday.

However, owing to the lack of a majority of the government in the Rajya Sabha, there are chances that the Bill may be impeded or blocked. "We have told Congress that since they have not pressed for any amendments in the Lok Sabha, they should do the same in the Rajya Sabha", Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar said. There is no black and white solution to this, We have to see how the debate evolves... what is actually included and how is it implementable.... and until it is equitable for all women under all clauses of talaq. What should be the fate of triple talaq affected women?