Texas woman allegedly damages Warhol paintings on first date

Posted December 29, 2017

Lindy Lou Layman was accused of causing $300k in damages to artwork on a boozy first date at a Houston attorney's home during which she allegedly flung sculptures across the room and tore pricey paintings off the wall, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Prosecutors say Buzbee, 49, told investigators that Layman got too intoxicated on their date, so he called her an Uber after they returned to his home. She refused to leave and even hid in his home, according to the report.

Lindy Lou Layman was arrested on December 23 on criminal mischief charges after allegedly damaging several painting and sculptures in Anthony Buzbee's River Oaks home. That's when she allegedly poured red wine on his paintings and ripped them off the wall, then threw his sculptures on the ground.

In court, prosecutors said Layman was on a first date with Buzbee, according to KHOU. Per the information read in court, Layman was aggressive toward the second Uber driver, walked back into Buzbee's home and shouted, "I'm not leaving".

Dallas Family'Biked by Prankster
Dallas Family'Biked by Prankster

The sketches evidently incorporate an Andy Warhol unique.

Her attorney, Natalie Ware with the Harris County Public Defender's Office, did not return a phone call Thursday seeking further details about her arrest and asking if she will plead guilty at her January 9 arraignment.

The damaged Warhol paintings were each valued at $500,000, putting the total cost of damage at $1.5million, although the charging documents state the damage to the artwork was '$300,000 or greater'. Her next court appearance is set for Thursday. He also hosted a fundraiser for then-candidate Donald Trump at the mansion a year ago.

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