Flu season could be bad this year, experts warn

Posted December 01, 2017

One particular physical health worry each winter is the flu.

According to health experts, this year is expected to be one of the worst in a while.

In Australia this past flu season, the problem did not appear to be a mismatch between the flu strains that were circulating and those that the available vaccine protected against, Fauci said. "Some of them are very mild, and some of them are severe", Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), tells Bustle. "It may be a bad flu season, and in particular, in a bad season, you want to get every bit of protection you can".

The state Department of Health and Human Services reports the latest deaths have raised the death toll for the 2017-2018 flu season to five.

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The New England Journal of Medicine said Australia had a dismal flu season.

Finally, while most flu vaccines are manufactured using chicken eggs, the experts recommended that scientists explore different manufacturing strategies in order to increase the effectiveness of the vaccines.

However flawed though present day influenza vaccines represented a priceless public health tool, and getting vaccinated is the right step as compared to not getting vaccinated at all, the corresponding worldwide team of medical specialists accentuated, however, in the viewpoint. "There should be a flu vaccine out there that is suitable for everybody in that age range". He said it's best to get your flu shot between the months of October and February. That's why it's important to remember the most important item on your holiday checklist: the flu vaccine.

There are not any risks associated with developing a universal flu vaccine. There are clinical trials being conducted. "So if you need to be out and about running errands and meeting up with friends and family, it's wise to protect yourself-and them-as best you can". Dr. Fauci also stated that this flu season could be a lot like the 2014 season. He adds that avoiding public places during an outbreak, staying home from school or work when you are ill, and covering your mouth if you sneeze is key to reducing the spread of the virus.