The US DOJ has indicted the HBO hacker

Posted November 24, 2017

Federal prosecutors in NY charged Mesri with seven counts, including wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, computer hacking, and extortion.

Kim also said that Mesri, who is not now in USA custody, has a history of hacking on behalf of the Iranian military.

At the current time Mesri is not in USA custody, according to U.S. officials.

Federal authorities announced the identity of the man they believe is responsible for hacking HBO and attempting to extort millions from the network.

Episodes of Game of Thrones, Ballers and Arrested Development were leaked online last summer during the now-famous "HBO hack".

Considering Mersei now isn't in the United States, it may take some time for him to be caught by the US government, but hopefully this sends a clear message to those looking to hack into HBO and leak the final season of Game of Thrones - which will be airing sometime in 2018 or 2019. "HBO is hacked.Beware of heart attacks".

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Mesri threatened to release the episodes if HBO executives did not pay him $6 million in the digital currency bitcoin. During his communications with the network, he used an image of the Game of Thrones character Littlefinger, known for being a skilled manipulator.

"HBO was on [e] of our hard targets to deal with but we succeeded", he wrote in one July 23 email, according to the indictment. He also compromised e-mail accounts for various HBO employees.

"He will never be able to travel outside of Iran without fear of being arrested and brought here", Mr Kim said.

Mesri, also known as "Skote Vahshat", stole episodes of HBO shows "Ballers", "Room 104" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm", as well as scripts for "Game of Thrones", and demanded almost $6 million in bitcoin currency in late July.

It might be a total coincidence, but on the same day of his indictment, a team of hackers took Sacramento's transportation system by storm, erasing data from their servers and demanding a ransom of one single Bitcoin, which is more than $8200 at this time.

"This is a reminder that our country and our businesses remain prime targets of hackers around the world", Mr Kim said of the HBO hack.