In Post-Weinstein Era, Trump Sexual Assault Accusers Await His Downfall

Posted November 19, 2017

As the storm of allegations has swirled, Trump, who himself has faced more than a dozen allegations of sexual misconduct, had largely avoided comment.

"And to think that just last week he was lecturing anyone who would listen about sexual harassment and respect for women".

Franken has made numerous statements in support of women who experience sexual misconduct and has worked on legislation to support sexual assault accusers.

Franken was then a radio talk show host, comedy writer, and author, and not yet a senator, but he issued an apology and called for an ethics investigation of the incident. "The president put out a statement on his Asia trip and the press secretary says the people of Alabama will sort out what to do with Roy Moore".

Trump has not addressed the allegations directed at Moore on Twitter.

They also serve a distinct political objective: expanding the focus from alleged sexual actions by a Republican candidate to Democrats as well, effectively making the topic of sexual harassment a bipartisan liability. "He is tweeting on Al Franken, he was asked about Roy Moore yesterday and he didn't respond".

In Moore's case, nine women have gone public with allegations that Moore solicited teenagers for sex when he was a 30-year-old county prosecutor in Alabama. "Sincerely, Al Franken", Tweeden read.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has announced mandatory anti-harassment training for lawmakers and staff

She told supporters that Trump actually "owes us a thank you" for taking the media focus off investigations of possible collaboration between his presidential campaign and Russian Federation previous year.

Leeann Tweeden, a Los Angeles news anchor, revealed on Thursday that Franken, a comedian at the time, had taken a photo of her in 2006 where he grabbed her chest, smiling and posing for the camera, as she was asleep.

The woman, now 55, said she was attending a fund-raiser for Mr Bush's re-election campaign in Dearborn, Michigan, with her father when the president grabbed her bum during a photo-op.

Implicit in the Trump approach is his and his aides' confidence that he has absorbed the political damage from his own past, while Democrats, who depend heavily on women voters, may have more to lose now.

The second appeared to refer to a skit Franken had discussed while working on "Saturday Night Live" that involved drugging and raping CBS reporter Lesley Stahl. He apologized for his language on the video but denied the other allegations, accusing the women of lying. The reference was included in a 1995 NY magazine article.

One of the girls who was 14 at the time, said Moore drove her to his house, undressed her down to her bra and panties and touched her sexually. "He still firmly believes that", Sanders told reporters on Thursday, noting, "This is a decision people of Alabama need to make, not the President".

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