Donald Trump Halts White House Address To Drink Water & It's Awkward AF

Posted November 17, 2017

President Donald Trump's desperate search for a bottle of water during a speech from the White House on Wednesday - a bottle that ended up being right in front of him - was way too rich of an opportunity for ridicule.

This post has been updated. Giving the Republican response, Rubio lunged for a drink of bottled water during the televised address - all while keeping his gaze on the camera - and later laughed it off as a case of dry mouth.

Rubio became aware of Trump's recent water incident at the podium, and tweeted his analysis of the president's performance.

The president paused and began to look for water and after coming up empty, he said: "They don't have water". "'I need water, help me I need water". Trump splashed the water around before tossing the bottle behind him on stage.

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In an unorthodox move for a politician - nay, any public speaker - the former reality star paused the live questioning to guzzle down a bottle of water, while fixating his gaze on the television screen, much like a university Fresher downing a pint of lager in a "waterfall challenge". Trump held up and opened a bottle of water, saying, "It's Rubio".

"Similar, but needs work on his form".

Later, during the presidential campaign, he also made a series of bitter remarks about Rubio's water-drinking technique.

While speaking at the White House on Wednesday about his 11 days overseas, Trump abruptly stopped talking and stooped to look for water behind the podium. "But not bad for his 1st time", Rubio wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.