Kim Kardashian's Aaliyah Costume Is Getting Dragged on Twitter

Posted October 31, 2017

Could this be her worst look yet?! And as happens every year SOME celeb does something deemed inappropriate and this year it was Kim K. The reality star dressed as the late singer Aaliyah for one party and fans screamed "Hell no!" This year, celebrities like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Russell Westbrook and Draya Michele reached into their bag of tricks to channel iconic stars and characters from the "90s". And though Kim saw tons of positive feedback for her arguably uncanny costumes, she was also heavily criticized for dressing up like a black woman.

Love her, hate her but you can not keep Kim Kardashian out of discussions on Halloween.

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But now, Twitter seems to be divided into two distinct sections - one that believes Kim is being her problematic, typical Kardashian self by appropriating black culture, and another that believes Kim is paying tribute to the late singer via fashion, like she truly would have wanted to be remembered. Though no one has actually taken a count of how many individuals have come out for and against Kim's look of the night, it's actually arguable that there are more tweets in her defense than against her. With a sparkly, bejewelled dress, fur stole, and a smattering of diamonds, Kim was a dead ringer for the Material Girl, right down to her all-important, platinum blonde locks, which were coiffed and curled to perfection. However, some are not only dragging Kardashian for not doing Aaliyah justice, but even going as far as say to the 37-year-old culturally appropriated. Did Kim K culturally appropriate? However others contended that Kim's darker-than-usual tan was an attempt to emulate Aaliyah's skin tone.