It's 2017 And Nivea Wants To 'Visibly Lighten' Dark Skin

Posted October 21, 2017

The new campaign for their Natural Fairness Moisturizer in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Senegal has spurred anger and disgust for showing a dark skin woman applying lotion to make her skin lighter.

Folks trouped to social media using the hashtag #pullitdownnow to blast Nivea for the ad, calling for the total boycott of all Nivea products and a removal of the campaign.

One such Nigerian ad from Nivea has caused an uproar on Twitter.

An accompanying voiceover intones that the cream will "restore" skin to its natural fairness after which a male admirer compliments the model on her handsome skin.

London-based entrepreneur William Adoasi commented: 'This is why black businesses need to rise up and cater for our needs.

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Nivea, a personal care brand known for its skin- and body-care products, is now facing an onslaught of criticism for a skin-lightening product it launched in Africa, which, allegedly, specifically targets black women.

The ad comes just one week after Dove was forced to apologize after an ad appeared to show a black woman turn white after washing with its products.

In the ad, it's clear that because the model's skin is "fairer", she is perceived more lovely. "All black skin is handsome, no exceptions, so celebrate us as we are instead of asking us to adhere to unattainable and racist ideals". "Who told Nivea black women asked for fairer skin?" We will. Every African everywhere should stop buying any Nivea product. There is also a range of other Nivea products in the Philippines promising to whiten skin.

Cosmetic companies like Nivea, Vaseline, L'Oréal, Neutrogena, Dove, Pond's, and Garnier all brand products in foreign countries that promote skin whitening, while modifying their labels in the United States as color correctors and tone eveners.