European Union toughens sanctions against North Korea

Posted October 17, 2017

"Our focus is on deterring North Korea from continuing to carry out illegal ballistic missile and nuclear weapons' tests and to compel it back to the negotiating table".

Regarding a preemptive strike on North Korea, he said it will be the final option under the premise that economic sanctions fail to change the North Korean regime.

The comments from North Korea came soon after Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Defence Minister Marise Payne made their visit to South Korea, the arch-rival of Pyongyang.

In addition, she believed that her country was not the primary target of North Korea, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Keane said that the USA government will try to dissuade its allies' nuclear pursuit at least while it seeks to resolve the North Korea issue through economic sanctions and diplomatic means.

"Their threats only strengthen our resolve to find a peaceful solution to the tensions on the Korean peninsula."

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However, North Korea tested another missile on September 15 in response to the latest set of sanctions imposed by the UN.

In August around 25 Australian defence personnel took part in the Ulchi-Freedom Guardian exercise, a large-scale simulated military operation staged regularly by US and South Korean military forces.

"The Australian foreign minister personally expressed her support for the stand of the United States to consider all options, including the use of force towards the DPRK, and turned up at Panmunjom on October 11 together with the Australian defence minister to condemn the DPRK during her visit to South Korea", KCNA reported.

North Korea also have missile like the Scud-C MaRV, which is risky in the fact it has a final manoeuvrable stage which would allow it to fly under the Terminal High Altitude Defence system, which the United States has stationed in South Korea.

"We will continue to do everything we can to protect and help and support our allies".