OJ Simpson Is Freed on Parole in Nevada After 9 Years

Posted October 02, 2017

As a parolee, Simpson will have to meet a number of conditions set by the Nevada parole board. And Florida, when they do their investigation, they'll make the determination of whether or not they're going to be willing to accept his case. But California corrections officials said he had not filed papers to live in that state either. "The department is progressing toward his release as soon as possible".

OJ Simpson could be released from jail as as early as tomorrow, a Nevada prisons official says.

Simpson had been sentenced to prison after being found guilty of armed robbery and assault with a deadly, in addition to 10 other changes back in 2007. Cook works for the estate of Ron Goldman, and he has been attempting to collect the multi-million dollar settlement that Nicole Brown Simpson and Goldman's families were awarded by jury in a 1996 civil suit against Simpson. It's reported he'll live with friends in a wealthy gated Nevada community.

The Florida Department of Corrections opposes such a move, however. Simpson was released from prison.

And Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is trying to stop the celebrity-turned convicted robber from moving here. He can't use illegal drugs or recreational marijuana. Simpson's associates were armed - something Simpson claimed he didn't know. Once released, he'll be subject to parole supervision until September 2022.

For his release, O.J. wore jeans, a jean jacket, white sneakers, a hat, and black-rimmed glasses.

The 70-year-old former National Football League star and actor was freed from the Lovelock Correctional Center just after midnight local time (3:08 a.m. ET) "in an effort to ensure public safety and reduce the potential for incident", Nevada Department of Corrections said. He had served nine years for a botched Las Vegas hotel room heist. She watched Simpson sign paperwork shortly before being freed.

O.J. Simpson reacts after learning he was granted parole at Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nevada, U.S., July 20, 2017. He responded "OK", walked through an open door, and the video then cut to a nighttime street - apparently the prison exterior. "Maybe not the first day or second, but he is going to go out", Scotto said.

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Scotto said in brief text messages early Sunday to The Associated Press that he was there but couldn't talk.

"They went over what he needs for parole and where he needs to check in, what he should do to get a driver's license, et cetera (and) instructions on what to do once he's out there", Keast said.

Simpson's living arrangements outside prison have not been made public. "The specter of his residing in comfort in Florida should not be an option".

On Sunday, shortly after midnight, Orenthal James Simpson, a.k.a. O.J., began his new life, after serving almost a decade behind bars.

The 70-year-old former Heisman Trophy victor was released from Lovelock Correctional Center in northern Nevada at 12:08 am local time on Sunday morning after serving nine years for a 2007 armed robbery in Las Vegas. "He was upbeat, personable and seemed happy to get on with his life. I'm good to go", Cook told CNN.

"Our biggest concern was our safety and the public's safety and not wanting anybody, paparazzi, to follow him".

Simpson, 70, was granted parole in July after nine years behind bars. He told parole board members he hoped to move to Florida, where he has friends and family, a plan that must be approved by authorities there.