Trump's Mar-a-Lago Ordered to Evacuate

Posted September 10, 2017

Some social media users have posted the address and Global Positioning System coordinates of Mar-a-Lago and pleaded with Irma to head there.

Mr Trump said he received a $17m insurance payment in 2005 for damage at his Mar-a-Lago resort caused by Hurricane Wilma, but digging by the Associated Press found "little evidence" of large-scale damage to the property.

Irma was headed for a direct hit on Florida Sunday, prompting some to estimate it could be the most expensive storm in US history.

Afterwards, Hurricane Irma continued on a path that saw it inflict varying amounts of damage on Puerto Rico, the Domincan Republic, Haiti, and Turks and Caicos, among others.

Trump also owns a golf course in the Miami area.

"Hurricane looks like largest ever recorded in the Atlantic!"

After Trump obtained the 58-bedroom mansion in 1985, it was narrowly missed by the 1992 Hurricane Andrew, which turned out to be even stronger than Okeechobee.

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"Our teams at our four properties in Florida are taking all of the proper precautions and are following local and Florida State Advisories very closely to help ensure that everyone is kept safe and secure", a Trump Organization spokesperson said in an emailed statement to NBC News.

Irma, however, is unusually threatening.

Officials in Florida have urged people in the state, particularly those in the south, to evacuate and take shelter.

"A group of Democratic lawmakers introduced a bill in June that specifically aimed to block Trump properties from receiving any federal subsidy for flood insurance coverage", HuffPost noted.

Trump, meanwhile, seems to be focused on his presidential duties. "No rest for the tired!"

"Hurricane Irma is raging but we have great teams of talented and fearless people already in place and ready to help".