Over 150 animals rescued from Hurricane Harvey brought to Lebanon

Posted September 08, 2017

Beginning on September 1st, Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), a national animal protection nonprofit responded to requests for assistance from multiple animal protection agencies in Southeast Texas after the devastating destruction of Hurricane Harvey left the region under several feet of water, and without power or water.

For cats, make sure "unsafe nooks and crannies" in the home are sealed off so frightened cats do not have a place to hide. If a silver lining has emerged from this tragedy, it's been the realization that shelters have made real advances in reducing the pet population over the past decade, she said.

In Osceola, the shelter attempted to arrange an evacuation before Hurricane Matthew a year ago but ran out of time before an emergency curfew took effect.

The charity will try to find the animals adoptive homes in the Atlanta area.

During severe weather events, there is always a chance that pets will flee in fear or become separated from their owners.

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A limited staff will remain at the shelter to care for the pets. Others chose to ride out the storm and flooding with their pets.

"They were all surrendered because their owners lost their homes", said Diane Less of Angels for Animals. If it doesn't work out, people can bring them back after the storm, no questions asked.

All of the dogs will receive a medical and behavioral evaluation before being placed in a shelter or with a boarder, with the hope that they will eventually be adopted.

All of the animals were sent to the Tony LaRusso Animal Rescue Foundation in Walnut Creek California, the Humane Society's partner shelter. These animals will then be evacuated by other sheltering partners.

"It's a very secure building", he said. "We did what we could to alleviate that pressure because there's going to be an influx of animals that are displaced from the hurricane". The shelter is also prepared to dispatch Animal Services Enforcement Officers in response to animal-related calls once it is declared safe to be on the road. "These animals we received are perfectly adoptable pets, so by taking them, we were able to free up space for shelters in Texas to house people's rescued pets and give them a chance to reunite". The post references the "PETS Act", the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act, which makes no mention to hotel policies.The PETS Act means pets need to be included in emergency planning.