Officer in video of Utah nurse dragged from hospital under investigation

Posted September 04, 2017

Footage of the incident, in which University Hospital nurse Alex Wubbels was placed under arrest by Officer Jeff Payne for refusing to draw the blood of an unconscious patient who had been in a vehicle accident, went viral last week. It was then that the officer became angry and attempted to arrest the nurse as she backed away, eventually handcuffing her outside.

"There was both an unlawful assault and an unlawful arrest", Karra Porter, Wubbels' attorney, told Fox13.

Wubbels, however, said she was just doing her job. She told Payne that a patient was required to give consent for a blood sample to determine intoxication or be under arrest. The officers didn't have either. That department said in a statement that it had not been aware of the incident until video of Wubbels's arrest went viral, and it praised the nurse for her actions.

The Utah Nurses Association said in a statement that it was "deeply disturbed" by the video and encouraged people to watch it. "We're done", Payne said.

She was released 20 minutes later and has never been charged.

Meanwhile, Salt Lake City police Detective Jeff Payne was suspended from the department's blood draw unit but still remains on duty as a detective in investigations in the midst of reviews by the department and a civilian review board.

Salt Lake City's mayor, Jackie Biskupski, called the incident - which happened on 26 July - "completely unacceptable".

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Officers have announced that the patient is William Gray, an officer with Rigby Police Department.

Video shows detective Jeff Payne disagreeing with her decision before violently arresting her and shoving her into a police cruiser. Policy relating to this sort of incident has also been changed on the guidance from Ms Wubbels.

The inquiry into her case will be run by Salt Lake County's Unified Police, Judd, the Salt Lake City police spokeswoman, said.

A 2016 US Supreme Court ruling said a blood sample can not be taken without patient consent or a warrant.

Payne and another officer who was at the scene have been placed on administrative leave while police investigate the incident.

In a written report, Payne said he was responding to a request from Logan police to get the blood sample, to determine whether the patient had illicit substances in his system at the time of the crash.