Masked Anarchists Attack Pro-Trump Demonstrators in Berkeley

Posted August 29, 2017

Officials reportedly denied the Trump supporters a permit to access the Martin Luther King Civic Center Park for their protest in a letter, which cited several reasons behind the rejection.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, did her part by labeling it a "white supremacist rally at Crissy Field" - there's no indication Pelosi was asked to support her statement with facts.

Police in riot gear fired a rubber bullet at one demonstrator who attempted to cross a barricade into the park, which was closed to the public.

As per the Fox News a score of people gathered for a "Rally Against Hate" in response to a right-wing protest that was planned to raise concerns of violence.

In San Francisco on Friday, thousands of anti-racist protesters blocked streets and intersections to protest a far-right rally whose organizers never showed up. Those uniformed officers did not respond to those provocations, retreating back from Civic Center Park after it became clear that the right's anti-Marxist brigades would be a no-show.

"If people threaten rallies, no matter what side they're on, they're just bullying them not to have rallies anymore, especially when those rallies are just about free speech", says David Feiner, a Trump supporter who says he's from Southern California. One poor man had urine poured in his face.

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"What you're seeing is a flawless example of the systematic oppression of right-wing thought and ideology", Chapman said on Facebook Live.

This pattern - police coming and then leaving, Trump supporters trying to speak out, but getting hit and driven away by black-hooded protesters - continued for the next two hours.

In the days leading up to the planned events Cummings and Gibson, who is Japanese-American, consistently denounced racism.

The Police detained at least two people for wearing bandannas covering their faces. "No fascist USA" and carried placard that said: "Berkeley Stands United Against Hate". Another was attacked by five black-clad antifas, each windmilling kicks and punches into a man desperately trying to protect himself. In a message to the media Saturday she said she might be forced to cancel if she is not provided police protection. At about 12:30, there were a few hundred anti-hate demonstrators in the park, with hundreds more on the surrounding streets.

Faced by extremists who were intent to fight, the Berkeley Police Department made the right call to deescalate the situation. If we don't stand against the attack on free speech in Berkeley, then it won't be long before it's in my neighborhood and I have to be anxious about my political beliefs.