Surprise WWE debuts on Smackdown

Posted August 24, 2017

Earlier in the night, #kevin owens complained about the "unfair" referee situation in his United States title match against #AJ Styles at "SummerSlam". "A McMahon screwed a legendary Canadian out of a title once again", he said, referring to the Montreal Screwjob 20 years ago. This led to McMahon walking out. Nakamura got the easy win via submission but Mahal attacked him after the match. McMahon not happy with Corbin's officiating, ran down to the ring to speak with The Lone Wolf while Owens delivered a low blow to The Phenomenal One. Owens showed footage of him pinning Styles, but the decision was overruled due to Styles' foot being on the bottom rope. If Owens loses, he will not be allowed to challenge for the United States Championship until AJ Styles drops the title. McMahon said that his decision stands.

The SummerSlam rematch was made by Smackdown commissioner Shane McMahon after Owens pled his case about how McMahon was not a fair referee during his title match with Styles on Sunday. McMahon was reluctant but he granted Owens the match. Owens refused to accept the match unless he could pick his own referee, which Styles and McMahon eventually agreed to as long as Owens understood it was his last shot at the USA title as long as Styles is champion. This ended the segment. At the biggest party of the summer, we saw some extremely surprising titles change hands. It's a briefcase that has seen many a champ emerge, although Baron Corbin may have been the sole exception to the rule when his MITB dreams were crushed last week thanks to his meddling with the John Cena and Jinder Mahal main event. Bryan booked Shinsuke Nakamura against The Singh Brothers tonight. Kevin Owens answers the call, but Styles says that it is not going to happen since Styles won two days ago. However, Owens gets to choose the referee. Wanting to team up with Gable, Daniel Bryan announced that the new team would have their first match next week on Smackdown LIVE. Of course, they can always turn him at some point, so we'll see where it goes. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast In This Corner with Brian Campbell where we break down everything you need to know each week. English knocked Roode down but missed a front senton off the top rope. Wham bam, thank you ma'am and a Glorious DDT later, and English was in for a Roode awakening as Smackdown LIVE just got a whole lot more interesting. Renee Young interviewed Roode in the ring after the match. He said that everything that he touches and everything that he has done has been box office. Jinder brags on beating Randy Orton and global icon Nakamura, saying he's the greatest WWE Champion in history. Bryan offered a match next week, which Gable immediately accepted as Benjamin looked a little tentative.

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Zayn threw a referee shirt in the face of Owens backstage and said that he would not help him tonight. Rawley hit a few splash in the corner. Ryder hit a series of moves to Jey. While this probably won't happen, a win for the Hype Bros could shake up the tag team division. They put the division on notice about them being behind them. The King of Strong Style has somewhat of a chance at retribution by facing both Singh Brothers in a handicap match. Nakamura fought back and hit the Kinshasa. Seeking some payback, the king of strong style chose to subject the two to a handicap match, where the odds were ever in the favour of the single challenger as he demolished the pair and ended the match with a decisive Triangle Choke to Samir.

Kevin Owens is looking for a referee and when he refuses to let Breezango referee his match, he is approached by Baron Corbin. She warned Natalya that she is on borrowed time. With Carmella at he side, the Queen of Harts engaged in a hard-fought battle and oh f*** it's another angle for James Ellsworth to get involved and come on this joke has long since expired WWE. He was annoyed that he had to do it in a backstage promo. He said he learned what it takes to be a big star in WWE and all he needs is a big spotlight, a fancy robe, and a lovely woman that glows in the dark. He thinks he needs to sing and dance. Lana told her that Tamina's journey to the title begins next week.