A list of devices that will receive Android Oreo

Posted August 24, 2017

If all vendors have to do is update the software, they can get new versions of Android out to users much faster.

For example, if you are watching a video on YouTube and have to respond to an email simultaneously, all you need to do is press the home button and that will shrink the video tab to a corner while you write a response. Let us take a look at some of the Android Oreo Bugs and how can you report them. Even with the latest Android version released, you will still find people using Kitkat or Lollipop or Marshmallow version of Android. But still their is no exact date given for the update. At that time, it specified a schedule for getting the release out to existing devices, starting immediately with Android Open Source Project (AOSP) devices. Google is trying to fix that with smart text selection in Oreo.

The updated app precautions build on Google Play Protect, another security offering that rolled out in May. But there are some phones that will get Android Oreo update in India. One such change happened in the 4th developer preview and it allowed notification sounds to play through the earpiece speaker when you're in the middle of a phone call.

Indian Express further reported that the latest update will first be featured to Google-branded smartphones including Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player and the Pixel C. These smartphones and tablets are already running the Android O beta program, therefore; most of the functions are already operating on these devices.

Google officially launched Android 8.0 Oreo, and unveiled its final branding, at a short virtual event on Monday. But, rest of the Android phones on earth are definitely not from Google.

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Android is the world's most widely used mobile operating system.

Blazing speed: When the user is on the go, speed is perhaps the most important superpower. No longer copying and pasting passwords from password managers or remembering them.

Will include Over 60 New Emoji in it. A fan of emojis?

"A common strategy employed by PHA [potentially harmful apps] authors is to deliver their apps via a hostile downloader", Android security product manager Edward Cunningham wrote yesterday on Google's Android Developers Blog. The company turned the beloved cookie into a superhero based on the familiar Android robot logo.