Perseids meteor shower: How and where to see the weekend's shooting stars

Posted August 14, 2017

This year, the meteors peaked on Saturday August 12, although the spactacle has been most prominent all weekend.

On Saturday night, the skies above Ireland are set to be filled with thousands of shooting stars as the annual Perseids meteor shower reaches its peak.

In the United Kingdom, it will peak at around 11.05pm on Saturday 12 August and should be visible from most areas.

"Usually in the United Kingdom we are either clouded out or suffer the ill effects of the Moon on meteor showers, and they usually end in disappointment", &The astronomer explained.

However, the meteor shower was visible in some part of the world.

STARGAZERS had their eyes and lenses pointed skywards last night as meteors rained down over Dorset.

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The darker the sky, the better viewing experience you can have. "Some meteor showers are slow, but we are moving into the Perseid stream so they are coming at us quite swiftly".

The name Perseid is from the Perseus constellation, which is the area from which they appear to travel from in the sky.

The display peaked in the United Kingdom on Saturday and into Sunday, but can be seen all around the world.

Scagell also said that this phenomenon is absolutely bright and spectacular.

It's made up of debris from the Swift-Tuttle comet and happens every August.

Robin Scagell, vice president of the Society for Popular Astronomy, said: "There was one rogue report that said it was going to be the most impressive display for 96 years or some other rubbish".