City records raise doubts about repairs, inspections of Austin garage

Posted August 13, 2017

The noise turned out to be a BMW falling seven stories from a parking garage.

The BMW driver sustained serious injuries and the driver of the Tahoe was uninjured.

This was the second incident of its kind this year at the Littlefield Parking Garage; last September, another auto drove through the same retention wires and though it didn't fall, was left dangling in the air from the ninth floor.

The garage owner reportedly said that these are the only two incidents like this to have occurred on the grounds.

Austin Code reports the property owner has been in contact with several engineering firms to perform the repairs and upgrades, with several proposals received last week.

Two arterial hemorrhages in her head almost killed Bowmer, she said. The garage is now looking at redesigning its entire cable system. But she also suffered a broken back, broken leg, broken ankle and a broken sternum. Despite all the injuries, she is already walking, but can not stand for long periods of time.

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To get at the hemorrhages in her head, doctors had to cut off larges patches of her shoulder-length blonde hair. But her hair will grow back.

Burch and other witnesses rush to help the woman inside.

William Burch, the driver of the SUV, moved his vehicle away from the fallen auto before he and other witnesses rushed to rescue the woman stuck inside.

Bowmer is back to walking, but she can not stand for long periods of time - leaving her husband Joe to pick up duties around the house in Cedar Park, an Austin suburb. And there's the man who prayed at her side.

"You know that you're about to die", O'Connor said. "They were just awesome".