Code suggests iPhone 8 will have facial recognition and no home button

Posted August 02, 2017

Recode reports that developers Steve Troughton Smith and Guilherme Rambo were the first to find details of the new iPhone within the HomePod's code.

A developer named Steven Troughton-Smith shared the discoveries regarding this on the Twitter. "I can confirm reports that HomePod's firmware reveals the existence of upcoming iPhone's infra-red face unlock in BiometricKit and elsewhere", the developer noted, posting screenshots he discovered. The company released a version of iOS intended for use on the HomePod smart speaker system, set to launch this December, but develoeprs digging through the software found references to an iPhone that doesn't exist yet.

Everything we think we know about the iPhone 8 is the result of leaks (often from case designers) and claims from industry analysts.

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Elsewhere in the code, developers discovered what appears to be a new icon for the next iPhone-the company has a different image for each phone it produces-shaped like numerous leaked images and mockups that have appeared to date.

In fact, the published information is semi-formal, so three-dimensional face scanner in the new iPhone 8. The code further mentions about an infrared camera, which could be used to detect a user's face in the low light conditions. As Bloomberg reported in July, the face unlock feature would rely on a new 3D sensor in the phone. Still present are the iPhone's round edges and cutout for a front-facing camera with sensors. The virtual home button is called the "home indicator", and will most likely be hidden in certain contexts such as when watching a video. But seeing as this particular icon seems to hold well with the basic look of the iPhone 8, it can not be discounted as being just a generic set-piece just yet.

Such leaks need to be taken with a pinch of salt as they could simply be holding icons or deliberate misdirection by Apple. The iPhone has a almost edge-to-edge display, slim bezels, a notch at top for the earpiece and camera, and no Home button!