Theresa May to Remain PM Despite Calls to Go

Posted June 19, 2017

According to Britain's best-selling Sun newspaper, senior members of May's own Conservative Party had vowed to get rid of her, but made a decision to wait at least six months because they were anxious that a leadership contest now could propel Corbyn into power. But in the past his party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has been seen as only a lukewarm opponent of Brexit and it's not clear that he will lead an effort to achieve a softer Brexit in part because many Labour voters support leaving the EU.

Britain's typically right-wing press savaged May over the election outcome, questioning whether she will be able to remain in power after a result that leaves her reliant on uniting rival factions within her party to deliver Brexit. The Prime Minister can authorise the civil service to provide support in negotiations, as they did in 2010. Absolutely. Theresa May has been to the Palace.

"I don't think we should talk about some prolongation of the deadline", he said in Prague.

May, who after (mildly) opposing Brexit in the referendum accepted the verdict of the voters, thought that by holding an early election she could strengthen her ability to secure a definitive divorce from the European Union on terms favorable to the United Kingdom, a so-called "hard Brexit". According to the exit polls, whichever party forms the next government will need to form a coalition with smaller parties, a reality that is more common in other parliamentary democracies, such as Israel. He said it was impossible to predict whether she would still be prime minister at the end of the year.

Former Conservative minister Anna Soubry added that the premier "is in a very hard place. she now has to obviously consider her position".

Having galvanized the youth, and with strong backing from the party membership, his popularity amongst parliamentary colleagues, both new and old, is set to increase.

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If there is any consolation for May and the Conservatives, it is that following Thursday's election, Scotland is not leaving the United Kingdom anytime soon. But the uncertainty of a hung parliament has raised concerns about Britain's ability to negotiate divorce terms by then, that would ensure that people and businesses are not stuck in legal limbo. "Do your best to avoid a "no deal" as result of 'no negotiations'".

There was little sympathy for May from some Europeans. On Friday, May was expected to appoint a team that will take on one of the most demanding negotiations in British history. Last June, previous PM David Cameron put a referendum to leave the European Union on the ballot, assuming it would fail. The result ended his career and shocked Europe.

In a WhatsApp message to Conservative lawmakers, Johnson said: "Folks we need to calm down and get behind the prime minister".

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, riding a wave of acclaim for his party's unexpectedly strong showing, called on May to resign. They're hardly going to make any major concessions, and she's going to have to go back to her Parliament with her divided party and try and get some obvious compromises through.

Agreeing a position with the DUP is going to be "very hard for May", argues Bronwen Maddox, the director of the Institute for Government, a think tank.