Iran launches missiles into eastern Syria

Posted June 19, 2017

Iran said on Sunday it launched missiles into Syria targeting Daesh positions in response to last week's attacks in Tehran which killed 23 people.

Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps has launched missiles at Daesh Takfiris' headquarters in Syria's Dayr al-Zawr, Press TV reported.

"Medium-range missiles were fired from the (western) provinces of Kermanshah and Kurdestan, and a large number of terrorists were killed and weapons destroyed", the statement said. "In case if attacks on Iran continue, the flame of our justifiable anger will burn terrorists to ashes", the Revolutionary Guards said in a statement.

The Daesh Takfiri terrorist group claimed responsibility for the assaults.

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The IRGC said the missile strikes were a warning to deter future Islamic State attacks.

The IRGC had vowed revenge for the attacks and accused Saudi Arabia of supporting ISIS in the operation.

That attack marked the first to hit Iran, shocking its residents who believed the chaos engulfing the rest of the Middle East would not find them in the Shiite-majority nation. According to Iran, the militant groups were responsible for the twin terror attacks in Tehran about two weeks ago.

The attack also came as emboldened Sunni Arab states - backed by U.S. President Donald Trump - are hardening their stance against Iran.